Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Experience With Twitter

Well, Twitter a Microblogging Sites involves Many Activites in it. Experences with the Social Media Sites and Microblogging Has Its Own Fun. Focusing On twitter,If you Get Retweet , Mention or Favourite Tweet From Your Idols, It’s a Awesome Feeling .Being On Twitter For More than Two Years leaves a Longlasting Happier Effect On face. Similarly Retweets and Mention Gave the Same effects.I too Have Got Many of Them,But One of them My Awesome Experience is Saina Nehwal’s Retweet. In That People Across India Has to share their view on "#MaskMyPain” That is Hiding our emotion and Keeping smile on our face all the time of other Happiness. This Happens When I was Using my old twitter Handle @Masterharsh007, Now The Modified one Is Master. Here My View in The Screenshot. 

  • The Most Popular Thing that this generation is Crazy about is ‘Gadgets’ I’m also in the same category. Smartphones has now become the Basic Neccesary Of Teenagers .Those days on  Twiiter there was a season Of Smartphones Rewiew. Samsung Introduces His New Galaxy Family Series In the form of GalaxyS4 in the Market. People Has to Share their View on this Latest Smater & Better. I too have shared Mine. Unfortunately, I don’t Have The screenshots Of my view. But After Seeing My View on ‘Gadgets Hunt’on Galaxy S5 the Samsung US Team Has Respond. Response in The screenshot imply the Clear Images On my review.


  1. It's always great to get Retweets, Replies & Mentions in Twitter :)
    In Blogging, you'll love comments!
    Best wishes :)